We are Tori ShukokaI – a club based upon the traditional teachings of karate, seeking to keep the true spirit of karate relevant for the modern world through the style of Shukokai, focusing on effective technique and personal development. We teach every aspect of the martial art to include Kumite, Kata, & Self-Defence.

We are members of the AMA which gives us the opportunity to get involved with competitions at both national and international level.

We are a warm, friendly club and welcome both children and adults alike to join us.  We invite any new members to come along to try out one of our classes for free in, Kings Hill or Medway.

tori shukokai karate


Sonja Brenton – Fai

Sadly, the world today, is not always a particularly safe place. If hearing the news is any indication, then a sedentary, sofa, lifestyle negatively impacts longevity and simply walking alone can prove lethal. 

As an individual, that scares me. As a parent that fear is multiplied exponentially. 

Giving myself and my children, the gift of Karate has gone a significant way to easing my anxieties. 

Tori Shukokai Karate has endowed myself and my children with a lifelong skill of self-defence, respect, discipline, and healthy body awareness. 

Achieving grades and trophies are a delightful self confidence boost and being a small part of an art that is ancient and yet continually developing, is good for my soul. 

Being taught by Sensei Sam is a gift in and of itself. His patience is long. His ability to adapt his teaching techniques to best fit each individual student is laudable. Respect, discipline and tradition are at the forefront of every class and the fun of discovering emerging abilities, at the core.  Parenting just got a little bit easier. Thank you.

Julian Gurr 

My daughter Daisy started training full time under Sam Bird in September in September 2017, having previously trained with 4 other clubs.  Wow what a difference Sam made, not only in her Karate but also herself confidence, discipline, and fitness.  Daisy has been given opportunities to take her Karate as far as she wants to go both Nationally and Internationally. As a parent I could see Daisy progressing on a weekly basis and this was confirmed when she won Gold at the National championships in Sheffield 2019. Sam’s enthusiastic and fun teaching style had worked!

My highest accolade I can pay to Sam is that it is a 50 minute drive for us , passing numerous other clubs on the way!

I highly recommend this club to anyone.

Victoria Crouch

My children have attended Karate classes with Sensei Sam Bird for several years. Sam is a wonderful, patient tutor for young students and makes lessons dynamic and exciting for older, more capable students. My children have gained much from studying Karate including new friendships, exciting experiences, travel and competitions.

Carol Instone

I started Shotokan karate in 1989 at the age of 7 until I was 18 and reached my shodan. I am now 32 and have started Tori Shukokai with Sensei Sam Bird and have been training for 3 months. Sensei Bird is teaching me the evolution of karate along with the hidden techniques and is very encouraging in developing those. There is a great discipline in the classes and all the students have the upmost respect for one another. Sensei Sam is encouraging, supportive and at the same time positively critical to bring the best out of all the students and has certainly opened my eyes.


My son joined Tori Shukokai about 2 years ago and loves it. In lockdown the club started zoom classes so I thought I would have a go as well. I love it too…. more than my son, I think. The club is very friendly, and Sensei Sam is very encouraging. I also like the club is not pushy and wants you to enjoy yourself whilst being firm but fair. It is very good for concentration and discipline whilst being fun at the same time. My son and I are both now yellow belts, and I would highly recommend anyone to come and have a go and I am sure you will love this club as much as we do.